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Welcome Dreammakers, to the Screenwriter's LOUNGE... where all dreams are possible and where Heroes that were, always will be. Sit back now in a soft lounge chair, with your favorite merlot or cappuccino and a favorite friend, and drift with the fog, filling your imagination with the dreams that are and may be. We Screenwriters are creators of worlds, dreammakers and sculptors of the imaginary, carving characters and worlds out of thought, and bringing forth through the magic of illusion ...that which might be, and for two hours of precious ... if but for a moment.


Write Movies
A site designed to help promote screenplays,
books, short-stories, articles and plays in Hollywood


Red Ink Works
Within our pages you will find the traditional, the tried and true writers' links, as well as a portal into some of the more off-beat and boldly creative sites available on the Internet...devoted exclusively to the screenwriting community. Links, articles and some helpful resources for those of you with an interest in writing for television or the great silver screen.


Script Magazine
Screenwriting advice for Screenwriters!


Journal of Extraordinary Diversions
Marvelous collection of writer's tools and reference links


Screenwriters Resource Center
The center provides links to products and services for Screenwriters,
compiled by the staff at the National Creative Registry Online


Screaming in the Celluloid Jungle
Script sales, links, extensive list of resources for screenwriters


the craft of screenwriting
Charles Deemer's self-guided course in writing the Hollywood screenplay


Screenwriter's Utopia
Interviews, Articles, & Features


Screenwriter's Voice
A vocal platform where industry professionals and screenwriters from all walks of life can speak their mind through feature articles and editorials. A great place to turn for the latest news, reviews and interviews or simply learning the craft through the eyes of others.


Screenwriters Cyberia
Resources for Screenwriters


Screenwriter's Heaven
Within these pages you will find up-to-date information on screenwriting and related topics around the Internet. It's all here.


Video Game Design
The field of video game design has never been more exciting. It's characterized by the possible and the future – from teaching technology to media communications – will be defined by the creative visions of video game designers and developers today.


Final Draft
Final Draft is the No. 1 screenwriting program in the world, and has become the standard for writing screenplays, T.V. episodes and stage plays.


The Screenwriting Center
Everything for the Screenwriter


"The best-selling scriptwriting word processor in Hollywood"


With StoryCraft story-development software, whether you're a published author or have only dreamt of becoming one, you'll create complete, well-developed stories, patterned after actual literary classics and civilization's great myths. Like writing with history's greatest authors, StoryCraft guides you through every step of crafting perfect stories. StoryCraft 4.3 now has full word processors with spell check, thesaurus, and most other things expected of word processors.

The mythological method used in StoryCraft has tutor texts separate from the program's-step-by-step method of story construction. We have broken those texts out into a course, which is an excellent introduction to this entirely new method of writing. New Dimensions in Writing is conducted and graded by Patricia Mayo, a leading expert in this brand-new system. It is strongly recommended that you get StoryCraft eventually, so if you only purchase the course first, see the offer immediately below. This thorough, intensive course not only teaches you how to structure your stories using the "Hero's Journey" approach of Joseph Campbell, it also covers developing your characters according to Jung's paradigm.


Letters, Columns and Archives of the Screenwriting Business


American Zoetrope American Zoetrope
the 25-year-old motion picture production and
post-production company founded by Francis Coppola,
has always been in the forefront of marrying new video and
computer technologies with traditional filmmaking techniques.


Mining Company
we mine the net so you don't have to


The Art of TV Writing. Screen and Tele Format. Animation. Script tips from a top television writer of "SILVER SURFER"  and Executive Creative Consultant on SPIDER-MAN UNLIMITED. 500 hours of written network television, including episodes of STAR TREK: VOYAGER, WALKER TEXAS RANGER, STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION, HAWAII FIVE-0, THE STREETS OF SAN and IRONSIDE. He currently writes for both Scr(i)pt and ScreenTalk magazines.


Movie Bytes
Screenwriting Markets and Contests Online


Sunstone Press  

Publisher of a large
backlist of regional
southwestern U.S.
and other titles available
for film and television.


Spec Screenplay Website
Dedicated to those creative people who want
to earn their living writing screenplays


Breaking In
Break into Screenwriting: Script Marketing Advice
Tips and tools for screenwriters to help them get their scripts and stories read and recommended to the movies. Special features: interviews with film pros, script tutorials, articles, market tips and Hollywood insider information from an experienced LA screenwriter.


The Screen Writer
Some info on some of the great ones.


Mining Company
we mine the net so you don't have to


The Spec Script
    Library The Spec Script Library
The source of new and original scripts for film & tv


Screenwriters' Online
writing links at your fingertips


Screenwriters' Online
Screenwriters' Online Cooperative
A craft and career development group for screenwriters


Drew's Script-O-Rama
The most comprehensive index of movie and television scripts available on the Internet!


Hollywood Network
Everything Hollywood!


The Horror Screenwriter's Page
If you write horror screenplays (or if you want to) then this is the site for you.


The Screenscribe is home to a variety of just-for-fun Hollywood links, including links to movie and television studios, TV Shows and films in current release, and movie directories and archives. There are also some links to Internet Resources for aspiring screenwriters, both informational and commercial.


The Mad Screenwriter
Resource links for writers and filmmakers with sections
of interest to women and international filmmakers


Mark's Screenwriting Page
Everything You Need to know to Write, Market, and Network Your Screenplay


Done Deal
Screenwriters' Resources and Links


and PRODUCERS looking for


A place for European screenwriters to post their CVs and outline their work.


Celluloid Monkey
Celluloid Monkey's Writer and Artist Links


Cinema Connection
Screenwriting Resources


The Television Transcript Project
Transcripts for curiosity and fun


Movie Partners
An extensive database of Film Industry information. This site also provides film investment coordination, business plan marketing and design, a contracts library, web site design, hosting and more.


Script Shop
Thousands of Film and TV Scripts


Sitcom 101
This site will explain and demonstrate the proper script format for some of the shows you probably want to write.


Sci-Fi Arizona
A Virtual Science Fiction Bookstore


ˇThe Sitcom Writer's Jump Point!
This page is dedicated to all those aspiring sitcom writers like me and even those who have all ready made it.


"To entertain. To enlighten."


Screenwriters Network
Bill Johnson's essays explore the craft of writing dramatic stories.


Selling to Hollywood
America's Premier Scriptwriting Conference


SlamDance Film Festival SlamDance Film Festival
by Filmmaker for Filmmakers


"It's impossible for new writers to appreciate, but the Conference gives them many more times their money's worth in practical advice, inspiration, and contacts. The Conference is one of the best investments writers can make in their careers."
Michael Larsen and Elizabeth Pomada
Michael Larsen/Elizabeth Pomada Literary Agency

Look for the Screenwriting Competition!


LOW Budget Unproduced Screenplays
>>> High Concept >> Contemporary >> Feature Length >> Unusual screenplays >>>


Idaho Writers
The mission of the Idaho Writers Connection is to promote the creation and appreciation of writing in Idaho by educating, informing, and connecting readers, writers, and the public.
Log Cabin Literary Center
Log Cabin Literary Center
It's for writers and readers. It's for people who live in Boise and for people who live outside the city. It's for people just discovering their way through words and stories. It's for people ripe with poetry and experience.


Writers' Resources Theater and Playwrighting
International Film Mystery
Gothic and Horror Science Fiction and Fantasy
Pulp Fiction

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